A discipline for those who love Acrobatics

ts_frMXjr_13102311It is no coincidence that Acrobatic Gymnastics is often associated with the circus. These two practices both aim to demonstrate agility, flexibility, strength and balance, with spectacular results. How could anyone remain impervious to the impressive pyramids of gymnasts, sometimes a dozen metres high, the intricate moves and the meticulous, expressive choreography?

This is what Acrobatic Gymnastics is all about. This sport, open to all, offers the opportunity to perform collective, balance and dynamic acrobatics all linked by choreography to a musical accompaniment. Performed in groups of two (women’s pairs, mixed pairs, men’s pairs), three (women’s group) or four (men’s group), it is a sport that builds cohesion and camaraderie among participants.

The keys to Acrobatic Gymnastics: Strength / Flexibility / Balance / Agility

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