Some technical stuff

In Acrobatic Gymnastics, the gymnasts present collective and individual elements. To master these, they must learn the essential basics.

ts_frMXjr_13102311– Grips

A good grip is the basis for performing a hold in Acrobatic Gymnastics. It makes it possible to carry out a hold safely and in perfect harmony. Grip techniques follow simple principles:

            • Providing a contact area that is as large as possible
            • Providing stable and solid support

Grips are carried out using all parts of the body. For example, there is the hand-to-hand grip, the forearm grip, the thigh grip and the foot grip.

Possible pyramids

There are a number of collective elements, called pyramids, adapted to the level of each individual. These elements require many qualities: body posture, core strength, stability and trust. Below are a few balance elements:

  • ts_frWPjr_13102311Lunge
  • Tepee balance
  • Bridge
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Mexican handstand
  • One arm flag
  • Back bird

Here are a few dynamic elements:

  • Straight jump from the floor, catch by partner
  • ¾ forward salto piked, from a handstand on the floor, catch by partner
  • Double back salto tucked, from the partner, landing on the floor
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