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ts_blrKV_11103004In Senior category:

  • During qualifying, the groups of gymnasts must carry out three routines: a balance routine, a dynamic routine and a combined routine. The eight best groups are selected for the finals. The scores are then reset to zero. For the finals, the gymnasts perform a combined routine.
  • The maximum time for a routine is two and a half minutes.
  • For each routine, there are three scoring components: difficulty, execution and artistry. Each score is out of 10, but the score for difficulty is unlimited. The scores for the three components are then added together to get the final score for the routine.
  • The jury is made up of 11 judges: 2 for difficulty, 4 for artistry, 4 for execution and 1 as arbitrator.

In Age Group category:

–  In 11-16 years, Pairs and Groups present two exercises in qualifications : “Static” and “Dynamic”. These exercises are said “half imposed” because they are composed of collective elements, which must be chosen in a list. They also include free collective and individuel elements. The eight best groups are qualified for the finale (scores are then reset to zero). Here are the exercises presented during finales in 2014 competitions :ts_esDuO_11103001

  • Women Pair : Dynamic
  • Men Pair : Dynamic
  • Mixed Pair : Static
  • Women Group : Static
  • Men Group : Dynamic

– In 12-18 years and in 13-19 years, Pairs and Groups present two free exercises in qualifications : “Static” and “Dynamic”. There is no imposed elements in these categories, only the number of difficulties is set. The eight best groups are qualified for the finale (scores are then reset to zero). In finale, each group presents a combined routine. This exercise is free and must include at least 4 individual elements (2 “Static” / 2 “Dynamic” amongst which a salto).

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